Erran Durame

A smuggler with a heart of gold, a tongue of silver, and neither brains nor brawns.


Erran Durame was born on Corellia, like many people in the galaxy. Unlike most of those other people, however, he was born into a life of privilege, leisure, and overall well-offness. His parents, Vipir and Esme (née Villanova), are both Old Credits: The Durames being business people, landowners, and slaveholders for generations; the Villanovas being politicians and powerbrokers, not just on Corellia, but throughout the galaxy, since the Old Republic.

Erran was expected to be the culmination of these two legacies; a first-born son that would grow to be a devastating force in both the boardroom and the senate floor. What the Durames got was something else entirely. Sure, he had all the presence of personality necessary to succeed in these fields, but he had no drive or ambition to pursue them. What’s more, he wasn’t particularly bright. Not that he was dumb, of course, moreso just… Average. Putting him in control of a company or instilling in him the authority of an elected position would mean him getting by on his charisma alone, and the Durames had two sizable fortunes tied up in Erran’s capabilities. Gambling them would’ve been unwise, and the investors agreed.

The solution was simple. Erran would marry Garala Deova, the daughter of the Durames’ closest neighbor and chief business rival. Garala was a whipsmart girl; brash, bold, and adventurous. Once the two reproduced, the child or children would certainly be capable enough to live up to any of their grandparents’ designs on them. Erran and Garala even got along well enough, young though they were at the time. It was foolproof.

Erran and Garala might have protested the arranged marriage, the planning of their futures together, if they thought it would’ve done any good against 2 sets of stubborn, money-obsessed, high society parents. Since it clearly wouldn’t’ve, they resigned themselves to their fate, and tried to get on as young people do, resolving to worry about the wedding day and days beyond when they came around.

If their friendship could’ve indeed blossomed into more over time, Erran never found out. Before either of them had even reached adolescence, Garala disappeared from his life. Neither his parents nor the Deovas ever offered an explanation, no matter how many times Erran questioned, cajoled, threatened, or begged. Over the years, the closest he ever got to an honest discussion on the subject was the warning from his father not to ever probe into it again after spending 900,000 of the family’s credits on a bounty hunter to look into her on what should have been her 16th birthday.

This had the dual effect of leaving Erran with a need for a new cause to pursue and a curiosity of his family’s revenue streams. With regard to the latter, Erran had always thought the Durames’ coffers to be bottomless. No amount he’d ever wasted before, no matter how needless or frivolous, had ever warranted even a batted eyelash. In fact, on many occasions, Vipir had seemed proud of the lavish lifestyle his money was affording his son. He wasn’t sure if it was the amount or the significance behind the amount that had bothered his father, but his interest was piqued.

He began to poke around into his family’s finances, to see more about where all his spoiled child luxuries had come from. After some investigation, he was horrified to learn that the majority of the income his parents had that wasn’t simply inheritance and interest being recouped was flowing from a mine on Ryloth, and the reason it was so profitable was because it relied solely on slave labor performed by the native twi’leks.

Erran felt disgust toward his parents and his entire upbringing. He’d known his parents to outmaneuver other politicos or buy out other businesses. Things that were maybe frowned upon, slightly unethical, in a legal gray area. But slavery? That was just evil. It had to stop. He had to stop it.

But Erran wasn’t capable of ferrying an entire colony of slaves off Ryloth; he wouldn’t begin to know how to house them, feed them, put them to work in a new place. He knew that he could never free these slaves. He elected to pay them instead. Erran went to Ryloth and began slowly and secretively befriending the twi’leks that were forced to work in the mine. Trust was hard to build between them, but Erran’s natural charm won out over the twi’leks’ inclination to disbelieve a human’s offer of mercy. Since the twi’leks were only monitored when they were in the mine, he was able to bring them food, medicine, and other necessities to their dwellings. What’s more, he made sure that each slave was given a fair month’s wages each time her came, and helped get them access to nearby settlements in the area.

With his plan to stymie his father’s ill-gotten gains and make reparations for the extravagant lifestyle he unknowingly lived on the back of oppressed people, Erran Durame set off to Ando to look into rumors of a less-than-reputable doctor who might’ve been able to help supply the colony with more medicine.

Erran Durame

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