Zrorr'isot'kora "Rorri"

A Chiss doctor who, fleeing persecution, went into hiding on Ando.


On Ool, there is a saying: “The soil yields.” It is used much in the same context as “I told you so,” but has meaning more in line with “work hard, and you will be rewarded.” A saying that, even as a child, Zrorr’isot’kora never held in high regard.

The second son and fourth child of the Ombud and her husband on Ool, Zrorr’isot’kora grew up with a level of liberty otherwise unprecedented on such a distant colonial planet. His older siblings were responsible for the tasks of family and field, which left him little to do beyond basic chores — and his status as a child of Chiss nobility freed him to interact with others (or avoid them) as he wished. However, as he quickly discovered, he enjoyed nothing more than squandering this freedom, spending most of his days glued to his datapad or napping by the river. Even into his teens, his natural smarts and laid-back attitude were enough for him to skate by, rarely needing more than a few well-placed lies and lucky strokes of genius to escape the scrutiny of all but the most critical eyes.

When his mother finally got fed up with his laziness, however, she had him sent to Plexis, where she’d managed to enroll him in a prestigious medical academy. The only fields in which he’d ever shown real aptitude, medicine and pharmacology, came naturally to Zrorr’isot’kora, and he enjoyed learning and researching them on his own time. He excelled in his classes, and many of his professors suspected a successful career in his future. But life on the core worlds was not for him. Unaccustomed to the bluster and hustle of urban life, he often found himself longing for an escape that — on a planet as developed and urbanized as Plexis — simply didn’t exist. He eventually wound up turning to some of his his pharmaceuticals — to which he’d been granted access by his professors — for a recreational release.

By then, it was only a matter of time before the many gangs and syndicates of Plexis found their way to Zrorr’isot’kora. Figuring he could take what he needed and a bit more, and offload the excess for easy money, he started sowing illicit contacts in the cities. The credits almost immediately started rolling in strong and steady, and, taking care to not let his lessons slip, he never drew a single suspicious eye. For a time, he was happy like this. So far from the quiet isolation of colonial life, he was still able to find peace in his new lifestyle, and — so long as he was careful — nobody would bother him.

Until the day they did, when he was informed he was being expelled after a campus security vid caught him working in a lab he wasn’t supposed to have access to. His supply unexpectedly cut off, he was no longer able to continue funnelling drugs into the system he’d help build, and he knew he didn’t have much time before his once friends would start turning into enemies. Grabbing up the last of his supply, he burned what few credits he had on passage to the farthest rim world he could afford — a semi-aquatic planet called Ando — and disappeared.

Zrorr'isot'kora "Rorri"

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